Percent Off Calculator

Calculate how much you will save during a sale. Enter the original price and the percent discount to see your final price and how much you save.

Choose two inputs (original price, percent off, final price, or amount saved) and modify the values to see results. Click the labels to change the input type.
Original price $100
Percent off 15%
Final price $85
Amount saved $15

How to use the percent off calculator

During sale season you might see 10%, 15%, 20% and even higher discounts at stores. Have you tried to determine what your final price would be? Our calculator helps you determine the final price and the amount of money you save.

Here’s how to use the percent off calculator.

  • Original price: In this field, put in the original sale price of the item you are interested in.
  • Percent-off: Enter the sale discount. For example, this could be 15% or 20%.
  • Results: There’s no need to look for a calculate button. Just enter your numbers and the results will update instantly.

How to calculate the final price and savings

For those interested in the math, the formula for final price is:

Final price = Original price x (100% − Percent off)

For example, if the original price is $100 and you have a 20% discount, then the final price would be:

Final price = $100 x (100% − 20%) = $100 x 80% = $80

The final price is $80.

How much do you save?

Savings = Original price − Final price = $100 − $80 = $20

You save $20.



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