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Our mission

Easy to use calculator tools to simplify decision making.

We're on a mission to simplify life's decisions. Our calculators and tools provide clarity around major life goals, like taking out a loan and investing in the stock market.

We want to empower people to use numbers to make better decisions. Crunch real numbers with our simple, intuitive, and easy to use calculators. Toggle the inputs to see different possible outcomes.

Our values

Devoted to excellence

We are a group of engineers, mathematicians, and financial economists. Our core value is to provide high-quality, accurate, and thorough calculators for everyone. To that end, all of the formulas used are based on known equations and formulas. Our primary sources of information are college and graduate level textbooks and scholarly research written by experts in their fields.

Our calculators are reviewed by specialists in the field. Health and medical calculators are approved by physicians and medical experts. Financial calculators are created together with financial experts with graduate-level degrees. Mathematical calculators are reviewed by experts with math degrees.


  • How can I send you suggestions for new calculators, changes to an existing calculator, or report a bug?
    We welcome any suggestions. Please message us through the contact form below. We will usually reply with 3 business days.
  • Can I advertise on DashCalculator.com?
    Yes, you can advertise on our site. Please message us using the contact form below to discuss.
  • Can I link to your calculator on my site?
    Yes, please feel free to link and share our calculators with your audience, clients, etc.

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